AI will be on the rise... but won't solve everything!

AI will be on the rise… but won’t solve everything!

Artificial intelligence is already having a major impact on many industries, and recruitment is no exception. In the upcoming year, AI is likely to play an even bigger role in recruitment as more and more companies adopt new tools and technologies.

At scale, AI can be used to analyse large amounts of data about candidates and job openings to identify the best matches. It can also be used to identify applicants who may not have the traditional qualifications or experience required for a role, but who may still have the skills and potential to be successful. Or it can even be used to mitigate unconscious bias by screening resumes without exposing a candidate’s name, race, gender or other personal information. Even chatbots can be used to answer queries and schedule interview.

The problem with all these technologies though, is that when it comes to the premium end of the market where roles are more intricate, cultural compatibility is more crucial, and what contributes to the success of a candidate is far more nuanced… AI’s ability to make a meaningful contribution is still limited.

In 1956 the world witnessed the first victory for a computer over a human in a game of chess, but it was a full 41 years later before IBM were able to develop a unique purpose-built supercomputer capable of beating a chess grandmaster.

Bearing this in mind, I suspect that in 2024, although we’ll see the rapid adoption of AI in the recruitment space, at the higher end of the market where the compatibility metric is crucial, humans will be as valuable as ever to the success of talent strategies for some time to come.

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