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Employee well-being will be front and centre of talent strategies

There’s no doubt that the last few years have been challenging for employees and businesses alike, but for the most recent crop of workers who entered the workforce after the pandemic started to rage in the Spring of 2020, they’ve known little other than high levels of uncertainty… and its clearly taking its toll!

The coronavirus brough with it widespread burnout, stress, and anxiety and with many still struggling to adjust to the new world of work, they’re looking for employers who can support their wellbeing.

Gen-Z now make up a significant proportion of the workforce and have different priorities and expectations than previous generations, placing greater value on work-life balance, flexibility and a sense of purpose.

There’s nothing new in employers having to adjust their offering to cater for shifts in cultural norms, however, with the even faster pace of change in the aftermath of recent trials and tribulations, it is putting greater pressure on businesses to keep up.

Despite the global downturn which is clawing back some of the power that candidates have yielded over recent years, the next generation of workers are more steadfast in their employer expectations, and as we move through 2024, employers that want to strike a chord with the next wave of talent, are going to need to adjust their talent strategies accordingly. This means evolving their EVP’s to be more employee centric and catering to the physical, mental, and social health of their teams. But also ensuring that this is interwoven with their employer brand to ensure that they can communicate this into the market to attract the talent that they need when recruiting.

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