Speedibake are a private label bakery business that is part of the wider ABF Group. Signature first worked with them in 2017 after being approached by their HR team to support them in the appointment of a Head of Sales.  We partnered with them to appoint Stuart Allen into the position, and he has gone on to be promoted into a Sales Director role, enjoying a successful 4+ years with the business. During this time we have remained close to Speedibake and have since worked hand-in-hand with them to appoint further individuals into Stuart’s team as the business grows and adapts.


Speedibake is a private label supplier of frozen baked goods into the Retail and Out-of-home channel.  They’re constantly tested with the challenges of working in a commoditized market where the pace of change and development in private label goods is significant.  Individuals that will thrive in this type of organization are therefore quite specific and Speedibake needed the confidence that a recruitment partner could deliver consistently and attract the right type of individual into the business.  Selecting suitable talent for Speedibake involves more than just identifying skills, but equally as importantly, recognizing the attitudinal characteristics that enables individuals to thrive in this type of environment. 


By keeping in touch with Speedibake on a regular basis and in continuing to network within our field of expertise, we’re able to move at pace and provide consultation on the market when needed, instilling trust that we’re able to deliver time and time again.

Signatures team are trained in spotting and drawing out behavioral profiles which means we’re not just assessing skills when interviewing candidates but assessing attitude and behavior to understand whether there is going to be a fit with the needs of the hiring organization. Just because candidates have operated in a similar business, and been successful in that business, it does not mean this will guarantee success in another.  Culture assessment matters, and due to our approach, we’ve been able to deliver repeatedly for Speedibake, ensuring not only that the skill set is right, but that the prospective candidate displays the attitudinal characteristics that will result in a mutually beneficial outcome.


Since 2017 Signature have been asked to support on six appointments, all of which have been successfully placed.


Working with a specialist recruitment partner delivers success.  A consultative business who is highly networked within your industry will not only have a depth of knowledge and market insight but will have a pipeline of suitable talent in mind when the situation arises.  Understanding the motivations and requirements of your talent pool enables your partner to offer advice, consultation, pace and access to a passive talent pool when you need it most.